Wednesday, 20 January 2010

''Maiden gathering flowers''

An example of subtle and beautiful femininity.

Helpful for my denim photoshoot, I love the one tone pastels.

For the past 2... maybe 3 (give or take), years i've had a book called
'The story of Art'' by E.H.Gombrich
leant up against my windowsill and every time it caught
my eye i've wanted to sit down for a month
and just read it cover to cover, alas it has never happened!
I've baught it with me to uni and was having a flick through
earlier for inspiration and rediscovered the lovely pictures of
classical art it has in it.

'The Nymph Galatea'
Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
'The Ecstacy of St Teresa'
Gorgeous (and ridiculously clever) drapery.
'Madonna del Granduca'
(I'm not religious, I just admire the serene and
content expression on Madonna's face)

'The Birth of Venus'

Reeeally want to get my easel and oil paints out now!

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