Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Negative empty space

So... I haven't posted anything on here for ages because, I, could not, be, bothered.

I'm not enjoying my course at uni and have no motivation to start the new brief we've been given, OR, to do anything else.

I've had my crit for the denim project and seeing as though I did a months worth of work in 2 weeks (sleep deprivation came into play as the flat above would not shUt up until 4am every morning the week of my deadline) it went pretty well. I was chosen to present my work to Lee cooper.
This is also confusing me seeing as I have no respect for their brand, aesthetically and ethically. Yet i'm supposed to be excited enough to present my jeans and a slideshow to them.

I've been so unmotivated to do literally anything recently but bumped into a photographer friend the other day who is looking to start enjoying his work again rather than the photography degree being the bane of his life (like everyone else is feeling at the minute) so has said he'll gladly shoot my jeans, photos coming soon then I hope!!

So for now let me say how, slightly excited, which is a good amount as I haven't been excited about anything in ages, I am to have discovered the John Patrick Organic range. I found him on

They all look so scrummy and inviting. His website is lovely... Google him!

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