Sunday, 21 February 2010

I'm doing research for my current project...

To choose a spa/retreat/health farm etc and design a range of yoga wear specifically for that spa.
We have to make a top and a bottom, and hand in all the research that goes with it.
A side effect of feeling completely unmotivated to do anything at the minute, is that all my work is boiling up to nothing, all I have are my ideas...

I've chosen Charlton House Spa and Hotel...

... as the spa of my choice, as they hand make their own products that they use in their treatments so they're all completely natural and organic. I also chose it because the transformation of a big country manor house into a spa keeps up income for the house to be kept and not just left to ruin. It's also in England, most people hear spa and think... sun... sea... sand. But doesn't that defeat the whole object of a spa. You go to detox and relax. I don't see travelling hours over the ocean creating thousands of C02 emmisions detoxing, or relaxing.

So anyway, to keep up with the ethos this spa has i'm designing my range based around wrapping yourself in natural and organic things, looking after yourself, so, bamboo fabric here I come.
I've sent off for some samples of this fabric, it's perfect for sportswear as it's antibacterial.

Aaanyway, my point was, this is all I have, ideas, and i'm struggling so hard to put them onto paper in a way that is beautiful and informative. I used to love sketchbooking, now I just want to rip them up.

In my frustration and after i'd stopped thinking it was all pointless I decided to get some ideas. I absolutely LoVe noseying through peoples sketchbook, seeing how they decorate a page, how they write on it, how much they write, how little they write, sketches they draw, swatches they put in, how they use them, how bulgy and massive and spine broken they get.
I found some beautiful images of sketchbooks that have been created for all different reason...

They're just so beautiful. I especially love the first and the last pictures. So packed, yet could be so simple.

I feel slightly more motivated... hopefully I can turn mine into something pretty to look through now instead of it just being magazine pages and my boring writing.
Back to it.

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