Wednesday, 3 March 2010

cards cakes couture and crystals


(This has probably been blogged about 100 and a gazillion times, nevertheless, I think it is worth it)

I think anyone could gain inspiration from this film.
It is in every way beautiful.

The pastels and the delicacy of the clothes.
The frills.
The icing on the cakes, the way they're just a tiny bit bigger than bite sized so they look as though they're going to sQuElch everywhere, but still fit in gracefully.
The way Antoinette cares for the girls in her life.
The gentleness of the characters.
The sky high wigs.
The blond ringlets.
The want for fun.
The 'with out a doubt there for you' relationship.
The pAttErNs of the wall paper, the gold leafing around the door frames.
The grandeur of the gardens.

The hats and the feathers, the attention to detail.
The monstrously appealing piles and piles of scrumptious food awaiting a ladies painted lips.
The gathers and gathers of delicate material oozing around their ankles.
The reserved and posh, and giggly faces.
Everyone involved has done justice to this film.

Sophia Coppola

Milena Canonero

Kirsten Dunst


A job well done.

If you haven't already seen it... go and watch it... now.

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  1. not to mention the super handsome loverrrrr, love this post-pure eyecandy xxxx