Saturday, 6 March 2010

Cucumber sandwiches anyone?

So, we all know that the 'English Country' look is and has been in style in rather a big way recently...

... Curling up in winter knits, roaming the country side with dog at the heels and hunter wellies to beat the mud, quilted jackets (that reeeeally do keep you warm, I got mine from non other than... Mole Valley Farmers, AAmazing) etc etc.

But as we all know trends come and go, (although living in the country myself, wonderful Somerset I love you, I will be sporting the old quilted number for many more a/w's to come) so it won't be long before the sensible footwear along with the ridings crops and Barbour flat caps move aside to make way for a new and more painful, quaffed and clean style.

So, everyone gets into the whole
'i'm going to make tea and we're going to sit round the table and eat as a family with the fire going, invite the grandparents too'
'oh, I found this old bath in the reclamation yard, i'm going to make a herb garden out of it to enjoy being outside in my Barbour and teach the kids about gardening' routine,
just because it's leaked into Vogue as the new thing to be seen doing, even though Country Living have been advertising this beautifully healthy lifestyle for years.
But as this goes out of 'fashion,' does the healthy and environmentally friendly ethos of the trend get forgotten too?

I think we need to get back to basics

Eating together isn't that bad, and you get to vent your day and get ideas on how to deal with things, and laugh at things that you might not have thought funny, you gain family memories, even if they are 'god I remember mum having to basically force feed you your baked potato with home made coleslaw,' those are often the best of memories.

Walking together shouldn't go out of fashion either... be it with friends, a friend, your partner, your partner and your children, your mum, your dad, your grandma, your grandpa... fresh air can solve many things, and walking benefits your mental and physical well being... please don't let it go out of fashion. People need to stop living too fast and make time for their health, themselves, and the people in their lives that really matter!

It's not about being fashionable, it's about leading a wonderful healthy life, it's about being happy


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